Sunny with cloudy periods

This is one of those shots where you pass the scene, decide that you have to go to church and shouldn't be late, then think better of it, find a driveway to turn around in, drive back at breakneck speed, pull off the road and jump out of the car and scare passersby and all the while your children in the backseat recite parts of the movie "Cars" to you.


That hasn't happened to you? Huh.

Pentax K200D
DA 18-55mm lens (@43mm)
ISO 100
1/160 sec.

btw, I haven't begun to exhaust the Europe pictures, but even I'm getting sick of my stories of Europe. I think if I mention Fabrizio again Hilary will pummel me with a rock of sizable proportions. I might post another Euro photo tomorrow. We'll see.