What's left

I drove by what's left of MSA Hospital tonight, and it's just a pile of rubble.

Things the MSA Hospital reminds me of:

1. Glass removed from my right foot (three times - same accident).
2. Tonsils removed, and subsequent hemorrhaging, and triple cauterization.
3. Countless sprained ankles (I thought they were broken, okay?)
4. Ben's almost broken face after falling on the hearth with his nose leading the way (thank goodness for the blanket on his head).
5. Mom's hemorrhaging foot after amplifier accident.
6. Dad nearly barfing after visiting Mom with her foot covered (I love him but how he survived Mom's three pregnancies I'll never know).

That's all I can think of right now, but I hope the new hospital sees our family less than MSA did.

Pentax K200D
Pentax DA 18-55mm lens (@23mm)
ISO 100
1/250 sec.