The Colosseum

This is the Flavian Amphitheater in Rome, so named for . It is commonly referred to as the Colosseum because there was once a "colossal" statue of Nero nearby. It is an amphitheater and as such was a place where Romans used to go for entertainment. They would watch Gladiators fight and see animals dragged to Rome from all parts of the Roman empire. If you go back to my post on March 28 you'll see a smaller version built around the same time as this one. Think about the difference in scale between the amphitheater in Nimes compared to this in Rome and this isn't the tall wall. The tallest existing wall of the Colosseum is the one off to the left of this photo.

To think that what passes for "reality entertainment" for us is Survivor. The Romans invented that game.

Pentax K200D
DA 18-55mm lens (@18mm)
ISO 200
1/125 sec.