Outing with Hannah

Two weeks ago, on a rainy Saturday, Hannah and I went out to take pictures. I hadn't visited this spot (under the highway overpass near Walmart) for almost three years, so I thought it might spawn a good talk between Hannah and me about the poverty in Abbotsford, and people who choose to live under overpasses.

She got a Panasonic Lumix LZ-7 for her birthday from Hilary and me and I wanted a good, gritty subject for her to shoot. I hate to admit that some of her pictures were better than mine, but the little monkey's got a great eye for this kind of stuff (if only I could get to her to shoot straight).

BTW, this is my shot, not hers. She can start her own photo blog if she wants.

Pentax K200D
DA 18-55mm (@55mm)
ISO 400
1/13 sec.
No Flash